Who we are

We are an investment fund manager specialized in alternative assets

We manage public and private funds, with a focus on real estate, private debt, infrastructure and private equity sectors

Our role as an investment fund manager consists of seeking attractive and profitable investment alternatives for investors who trust us, working with strategic partners who are experts in their businesses

We are directly involved in the management, monitoring and control of investments, participating and co-investing in the alternatives we offer

Our principles

Generate value for our investors

We are constantly exploring the best investment opportunities for our investors, selecting attractive and profitable projects while managing the risk accordingly. We offer these projects to our clients, and we involve in each investment directly by co-investing and managing each opportunity efficiently and transparently.

Work with integrity and excellence

We manage our investments with the highest ethical standards, striving to always achieve excellence, seeking long-term mutual benefits and, above all, acting with transparency to generate the maximum confidence of our investors.

Be specialists

We believe that partnering with specialist managers in each industry is the key to add value to our investments to be able to get better results than the market. Specialization and consistency are the routes to always stay on the line between knowledge and innovation.


Frontal Trust was founded by Andrés Echeverría in 2015, to add value to institutional and high net worth investors, through specialist, earnest, and responsible work.

Andrés Echeverría has an extensive professional career in the financial industry. For over nine years he held the position of CEO of Bicecorp, the parent company of Banco Bice, Bice Vida, among others. Previously, he worked as Investment Banking Vicepresident at Deutsche Bank (former Bankers Trust), a firm from which he led several financial transactions in equity and debt markets, and M&A operations in Chile and the USA.

Over its history, Frontal Trust has experienced solid growth. From being a fund manager focused on real estate, the firm evolved to be a specialist in alternative assets, thus today manages over [30] public and private funds in infrastructure, real estate, private debt and private equity of financial services.

We are called Frontal Trust because we want to show our seal: work with transparency and rectitude to always maintain the trust of those who invest with us, systematically creating value in long-term relationships

Andrés Echeverría


March: Frontal Trust (FT) is founded, a fund manager focused on real estate, managing three investment funds with Inmobiliaria Fundamenta projects from the beginning.

August: FT partners with Surmonte a real estate agency, controlled by the holding company Pie de Monte, whose purpose is to develop residential projects throughout Chile.

May: FT diversifies its investments by entering the industrial real estate business in partnership with Campos de Chile.

June: FT enters the private equity segment. Through an investment fund, it acquires 75.5% of Autofin, an automotive financing firm. The remaining 24.5% belong to hands of Cavem dealers.

November: FT launches Retorno Preferente Fundamenta Plaza Egaña Fund, the firm’s first public fund, for over US$50 million.

January: FT completes its second year of operations with US$ 270 million of equity under management and 11 active investment funds. Of these, ten are real estate funds, which operate in partnership with Fundamenta, Surmonte, and Campos de Chile.

February: FT signed-off a fund for UF 700,000 (US$ 28 million) for the development of buildings in middle-class sectors in Santiago, Ñuñoa, and Estación Central neighborhoods with Inmobiliaria Fundamenta.

March: FT expands to the Private Debt segment, offering financing mechanisms to small and medium-size companies with high growth potential.

May: FT launched a preferred equity fund for US$ 12 million to support three real estate companies with development projects in several regions in Chile.

October: In partnership with EverWest, a North American firm with decades of experience in the real estate business, FT launched two real estate funds in the United States, to acquire medium-sized office buildings using a value add strategy, which consists of repair and lease the offices for long terms. EverWest contributes 10% of the equity and acts as manager of the funds.

January: FT launches private funds to finance factoring firms. As such, it becomes a provider of capital for companies in need of liquidity.

March: FT enters the infrastructure business, entering its second and third phase of development.

July: Through a capital increase of CLP$ 11 billion, the capital of Autofin is strengthened for its second time. FT’s investment fund has 64% of the ownership, IRB 30%, while the 6% remaining belong to Citroen importers.

December: Independent directors join FT, the former Minister of Education and Justice, Felipe Bulnes; the former Minister of Finance, Rodrigo Valdés and the Chairman of Sonda, Mario Pavón.

February: Through Alpha fund, FT acquires 33% Vespucio Norte and Túnel San Cristóbal concessionaire companies from the Canadian fund Brookfield. As such, FT becomes the first Chilean investment fund to own a percentage of an urban highway in Chile.

August: FT, through Evoluciona Administradora de Mutuos Hipotecarios, enters the mortgage-backed financing business, providing financing alternatives for individuals and businesses. Inversiones Evoluciona is the parent company, in which FT owns 51% and the remaining 49% belong to Moneda Renta CLP investment fund.

September: FT partners with Cantauco a real estate agency to develop residential projects in Chile.

October: FT, in partnership with a group of entrepreneurs with experience in private debt, creates Cordada, a technological platform that seeks to support small and medium-sized companies through working capital financing.

May: FT opens its first investment office in the United States, Frontal Trust U.S. located on Brickell Ave. in Miami, in charge of Luis Felipe San Martin as Managing Partner.

September: The public fund “Frontal Trust Rendimiento con Liquidez” (Frontal Trust Performance with Liquidity) begins operations, which has as its main objective to invest its resources in shares of the private investment fund “Cordada Fondo de Inversión Privado Deuda y Facturas I” (Cordada Private Investment Fund Debt and Invoices I ), managed by the related company Cordada Capital S.A. This investment fund has unique and novel characteristics for the capital market, as it is a public offer instrument, it offers a fixed daily accrual through its preferred series and liquidity similar to term deposits through its 30- and 60-day redemption policy.

October: The public fund “Frontal Trust U.S. Residential Credit Opportunity I”, begins operations, which aims to invest in short term mortgage-backed loans originating in the U.S.

December: FT, in conjunction with a group of entrepreneurs and businessmen with experience in the distribution and sale of cars, creates Car1, a technological platform wherby an online experience for the sale of used vehicles will be offered.